Dog Hair Is My New Aesthetic Unisex 100% Organic Cotton Crewneck Sweater

Rescue Dog Kitchen

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I have just about given up trying to ever clean the dog hair off any of my clothes because really what's the point? I clean it off, then I get in the car and I'm covered again! So I wanted a piece of clothing that tells the world, "yes I understand I'm covered in dog hair, but it's called fashion sweetie!". This comfy crewneck sweater does exactly that!

Made from 100% certified organic cotton in North America, this sweater uses significantly fewer resources than traditional cotton. And it's our softest sweater yet!

As always 50% of the profits from each sale go to rescue shelters and sanctuaries. 

See sizing chart for sizes.

Sweaters are unisex design so they naturally run slightly larger and longer to accommodate everyone!

All of our products are ethically sourced and shipped in recyclable materials so you can feel good about the items you purchase!